Pitches rules

A few simple tips to read before deciding on your vacation. Things seem obvious, but at the basis of any cohabitation there are rules of behavior that may make your vacation enjoyable, always remembering that our freedom ends where that of the other begins.

  1. Minimum stay: 7 days.
    Time of delivery of pitches: from 10 am to 13 and from 15.30 to 22.00.
    Time of departure is between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on departure day. 
    Should the pitch not be emptied by 10 a.m. you will be charged an extra night. 
    Should you arrival be delayed or your departure anticipated, the entire amount of the booked period is due anyway. 
    The booking will be annulled if the Direction has no information by the client by 4 p.m. of the day after the due arrival.
  2. Cash payment limit: 950,00 €.
    Departures and arrivals are regulated in accordance with the organization exposed. The pitches are to be vacated by 10am.
  3. All guests (adults and children), on their arrival, are kindly requested to give their passports or identity cards to the management for registration. Minors, under 18 years old, are not accepted in the Campsite without their parents and without an identity document with photo.
  4. When driving along the campsite roads, drivers must maintain a moderate speed and follow the indications on the signs (10 km/h).
  5. Children must always be accompanied when using the various services, facilities or toilets. Children are not allowed to ride bikes or play football in the whole area. Parents are responsible for their own children and the Management declines any responsibility in this respect
  6. Loud noises must be avoided at all times; televisions and radios may be used but at a low volume.
  7. Silence must be respected from 12 p.m. to 8 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. vehicles may not enter and circulate inside the Campsite during the times indicated above.
  8. It is prohibited to dig holes in the ground, spread tarpaulins on the ground of the plots, light fires (allowed only gas barbecue), put nails in trees or damage the flowers, plants, sanitary facilities, or other equipment in the Campsite and particularly to cause damage to plants by pouring hot water on them.
  9. It is prohibited to dispose of paper and waste anywhere except in the containers provided. It is prohibited to wash cooking utensils or laundry except in the clearly indicated places provided.
  10. It is forbidden to wash cars.
  11. Each camper is obliged to keep valuables in his\her own custody. The Management is not responsible, under any circumstances, for the loss or theft of valuables.
  12. In cases of necessity the Management reserves the right to issue rules, regulations and times.
  13. The Management reserves the right to expel from the Campsite anyone who is responsible for acts of vandalism or disturbance.
  14. Entering the Campsite implies the reading and accepting of the above regulations.

Pets regulation
Your pets are welcome in our Camping. As to not disturb the other guests, we ask you kindly to adhere the following regulations:

  1. Pets are admitted only in bungalows or in your campers and caravans, but not in tends (and in a limited number, just 1 for each facility). Please contact us if you have more than one pet.
  2. The presence of pets must be reported either at the reservation or at the arrival.
  3. Pets entrance must be authorized by our Head Office.
  4. According to Authorities, any kind of dog or animal that can be dangerous for the other Guests of our Camping (or belonging to a dangerous breed) will not be admitted in our facility or can be sent away.
  5. The documentation of pet vaccination and prophylactic flea/tick treatment must always be carried along.
  6. Dogs must be kept on short leash.
  7. Any damage caused by pets to the other Guests or to the accommodation, will be under the owner’s responsibility.
  8. Dogs have free access to the public beach. They're allowed in the private beaches at the discretion of the manager (not in the beach Capitano). Anyway, at 600 meters from the Camping there is a small BAU BEACH.
  9. Pets can’t be left alone inside the campsite.
  10. Pet owners must strictly follow the health and hygiene rules during the stay in our facilities.
  11. Pets must not cause nuisance and must be taken outside the tourist complex for their droppings. Anyhow, it is obligatory to pick up the droppings of one’s own pet.
  12. The owners who will break the rules will be asked to leave our Camping.

Informative note on the Italian Legislative Decree no 196 of 30 June 2003

According to the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 2003, regarding privacy and personal data protection, we inform you (see Section 13 of the above mentioned Decree) that the personal information you provide us either through this web site or via e-mail, are in conformity with the principles of fairness and transparency, in compliance with the applicable laws of data protection, and in observance of your rights to confidentiality.

Processing of your data will be done: 

  1. to deal with your booking and, if confirmed, personal data about you and your family requested in the form to fill out, are obligatory in order to start the procedure required by your booking and for the applications provided by the Italian law (Art. 109 R.D. 18.6.1931 n. 773 ) that imposes to communicate and register customer’s personal data at the Local Police District, and in order to fulfil fiscal and accounting regulations.

    Some personal data requested in the form to fill up by you are obligatory in order to start the procedure required by your booking and your refusal to provide them implies a failed sending of your request.
    In this case your consent shall not be required for the processing of your personal data since the data you will send us are exempted according to Section 24, letters b) and d) of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003.
  2. for promotional and advertising purposes related to our services, and for marketing activities and surveys carried out within our Company.

In no other case your personal data will be used or transferred onto others. 

Processing of your data will be done manually and via electronic means password protected, and it will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

The responsible data handling party is Container S.r.l. - Via delle Pinete, 392 - 54037 Marina di Massa (MS), which you may contact at any time, and at no charge whatsoever, in order to consult, integrate, or for the modification or cancellation of your personal data, or to oppose the use of the same, either totally or partially, for the above purposes, in accordance with the terms of Art. 7 of legal decree 196/2003.